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Market Reviews

  • Anuga 2017 cover image

    Anuga 2017

    IEG’s Vu’s practical and personal guide and preview to the world’s largest food exhibition taking place in Cologne, Germany in October 2017.

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Daily Price Update 23/11/2017: European butter still volatile

Quite a mixed situation in Czech Republic and Poland this week, with significant drops in powders and a slightly slower butter slide.

Butter SMP

Futures Review: Cocoa still on the up

Cocoa futures continued the upward slant in both New York and London following a week of bullish news. 

Cocoa Futures

EU faces tight apple supplies

Apple supplies in Europe are expected to be extremely tight in the second half of the season, offering opportunities to exporters from the southern hemisphere.

Fresh Apples Germany

Previous Market Reviews

  • Chile 2017 cover image

    Chile 2017

    Chile - The power in the South…What we are seeing now is the emergence not just of a global food power, but a food power built on low emissions, sustainable farming, and completely renewable energy sources. That really is something new. 

  • South Africa 2017 cover image

    South Africa 2017

    This is the powerhouse of Africa’s food and beverage industry. There are (many) other countries on the African continent with larger populations, others with impressive production of raw fruits and vegetables, but none with such a well-integrated and technologically sophisticated national industry. South Africa exports all over Africa.

  • Juice 2017 cover image

    Juice 2017

    It’s hard to recall such a contradictory period in the juice industry’s recent history. Juices either seem to be in general oversupply, with weak prices and little signs of them increasing, or else in incredibly short supply with suitably stratospheric offers from producers.

  • Half Year Outlook 2017 cover image

    Half Year Outlook 2017

    Many of the processed food commodity sectors have shown the usual volatile tendencies over the first half of this year. On the supply side, some areas have staged a recovery from earlier difficulties while others remain problematic. In view of the scope of our coverage this is to be expected: it would be unrealistic to expect plain sailing across all waters.

  • Tomatoes and Canned 2017 cover image

    Canned & Tomato 2017

    In spite of the projected difficult economic background, the canned tomato sector should go through the coming season unscathed thanks to low inventories and stable demand. In other canned foods, the problem areas include pineapple, where Thailand’s traditional boom-and-bust cycle is now entering a severe ‘bust’ phase, with raw material prices at break-even level for the farmers.

  • Dried Fruit & Nuts 2017

    The world political canvas has changed beyond belief over recent months. For a start, we have the UK gradually making moves towards its eventual exit from the EU, and in the US we have the bizarre situation of a business entrepreneur/former reality TV star with no previous political experience now firmly ensconced in the White House.

  • global outlook 2017

    Global Outlook 2017

    2016 was a year of extraordinary gluts and shortages in the food commodities covered by Foodnews. In an industry that is known for volatility, partly due to the weather, partly due to changing consumer tastes and partly due to politics, the past year, like the one before it, was notably unstable.

  • SIAL 2016

    SIAL 2016

    SIAL - Europe’s largest food exhibition in 2016, and one of the most important food shows in the world.

  • chile 2016

    Chile 2016

    In this year’s Chile supplement, you can read about the Chilean government’s success in helping lift the country’s food and drink exports to the point where the country is now one of the world’s top 10 food exporters.

  • half year 2016

    Half Year Global Outlook 2016

    In a half-year in which there has been more than enough instability on a wide variety of markets and products, the last thing the world needs is an added helping of politically-motivated uncertainty.

  • spain alimentaria 2016

    Spain & Alimentaria 2016

    The premier Spanish show attracts nearly as many visitors as Anuga.

  • juice 2016

    Juice 2016

    While trading in most juices remains quiet, buyers and sellers are faced with juices that are either in over-supply (blackcurrant, cranberry, probably apple) or which are ridiculously scarce and expensive (lemon, passion fruit, raspberry and pineapple).

  • canned tomatoes 2016

    Canned & Tomato 2016

    Canned food manufacturers have to put up with rising costs while trying to convince buyers that they have to pay more for a product category, which realistically speaking, has little scope for growth.

  • global outlook 2016

    Global Outlook 2016

    The word used to describe almost every market and product covered by FoodNews over the last 12 months would seem to be 'volatile'.

  • chile 2015

    Chile 2015

    Chile has undergone what one of its governmental associations, ProChile, described to us as an “agroindustrial revolution”. This is no overstatement: the country’s food and drink industry has seen growth of such a scale that others can only dream of.

  • anuga 2015

    Anuga 2015

    Those who have been to Anugas previous will know what to expect. Those who have not are in for a shock. Last year, Anuga attracted 6,777 exhbitiors from 98 countries, occupying a combined stand space of 284,000 sq.m. The organisers welcomed 154,462 trade visitors from 187 countries. The sheer size of Anuga never fails to impress.

  • half year outlook 2015

    Half Year Outlook 2015

    In this supplement, the first of its kind to be published by FoodNews, we are painting a picture of where the processed fruit and vegetable industries are at this mid-point, and what is likely to happen in the second half of the year.

  • juice 2015

    Juice 2015

    Are you worried about the decline in pure juice consumption? Perhaps you shouldn’t be...

  • global outlook 2015

    Global Outlook 2015

    What was the major influence on many commodity prices this year? Answer: politics.

  • chile 2014

    Chile 2014

    They are a bit worried in Chile. Worried about the country’s slowing growth rate, after a boom of nearly two decades, and worried for the future of the economy.

  • SIAL 2014

    SIAL 2014

    Why visit SIAL? Is the first question on the drop-down menu entitled ‘Visiting’, on the SIAL website. There will be quite a few veterans of the French exhibition who will be asking themselves the same question.

  • world juice DFN 2014

    World Juice & DFN 2014

    Change is the order of the day for World Juice this year with a new format, a new speaker roster, a new dinner and new content, and you can be sure that this year’s event will be like no other before it.

  • juice canned tomatoes 2014

    Juices, Canned Foods & Tomatoes 2014

    It’s a tough time to be in the juice industry. From being the darling of the ‘healthy’ food lobby, fruit juice has become one of the villains…

  • global outlook 2014

    Global Outlook 2014

    There are no certainties any more. The variables are taking over. It is hard to rely on any forecasts or projections that look more than a couple of years into the future. What is bringing about this Age of Uncertainty?

  • Soft Drinks & Juice Data 2013

    This last couple of years have been among the most fraught for the fruit juice industry. Raw material fluctuations, strange pricing and adverse publicity have all combined to make a ‘perfect storm’ for producers and customers alike.

  • Anuga 2013

    This is the biggest, most important food exhibition in the world. The global food industry, and its customers, make their way to Cologne every two years.

  • Chile 2013

    Chile is a powerhouse. As far as FoodNews’ coverage goes, there is no country in the world that produces and exports so many different products.

  • Dried Fruit & Nuts 2013

    The global dried fruit and nut industry continues to go from strength to strength, seemingly undeterred by talk of economic downturn and fears of a slowdown in consumption.

  • World Juice 2013

    The fundamentals of wanting to meet these people and do business with them do not change, but what has changed this year is the location of the FoodNews World Juice 2013 conference. For the first time ever, FoodNews World Juice will take place in Cologne, one day before and in the same city as the Anuga trade fair.

  • Juices, Purees & Superfruits 2013

    Fruit juices may be commoditised, and margins may be vanishingly small in some retail sectors, but there is still room for growth, and still some areas where juice can offer reasonable returns.

  • Canned Foods & Tomatoes 2013

    Few in the canned foods and tomato products industry have been bored over the past year. From rebels storming Philippine pineapple plantations to fraud allegations flying thick and fast off the coast of Liberia, it has been an eventful few months.

  • 40th Anniversary Supplement 2013

    1973-2013. How did FoodNews come about? What values and practices have lasted from its foundation to the present day?

  • Global Outlook 2013

    This is the third of FoodNews’ annual retrospective looks at a year in the various industries that we cover. It also includes some forecasts for what is likely to happen in 2013. This time next year, we will be looking at these and seeing just how right, or wrong, they were.