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Oils & Oilseeds

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Brazil’s soybean market watching US-China trade talks and domestic biofuels

Brazil’s reference soybean prices remained stable last week, with a slight uptrend. In most regions, Chicago prices directed prices.

Brazil Soy Corn

Ukraine grain exports up almost 50% on-year

Ukraine had exported 15.1 mln tonnes of grain in 2019/20 as of October 11, up 4.6 mln tonnes from the same point last season.

Ukraine Barley Corn


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Weekly Review: Palm looks to other vegoils for support

Moribund export trade remains an anchor on palm oil prices, forced to seek support mainly from rallies in key trade rival soy oil.

Futures Palm Oil

Malaysia considers meat and sugar imports from India to ease palm oil conflict

Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the country would work diplomatically with India if the palm oil buyer decides to restrict imports of Malaysian palm oil, while the Ministry of Primary Industries has said it is exploring increasing imports of raw sugar and buffalo meat from India.

Trade Disputes Tariffs

Indonesia plans to challenge EU palm oil measure at WTO

The Indonesian Government seeks to file a case against the EU over palm oil at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in early November, a high-level official has revealed.

Palm Oil Trade Disputes

Weekly Review: Malay September data pauses palm rally

Malaysia’s official palm data for September had something for bulls and bears but more for the latter.

Futures Palm Oil

France’s high court rules against tax benefits for palm oil diesel

Tax incentives on biofuels that use palm oil look set to be dropped from January 2020 following a French high court ruling today.

France Malaysia

Louis Dreyfus holds steady in difficult trading environment

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) announced stable first half 2019 results comparable to last year, despite what it called “difficult global business conditions”.

Financial Results Louis Dreyfus
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US Futures Review: Soybeans end higher with strong exports

Soybean futures settled higher Friday, boosted by strong weekly export performance. Soybean meal futures ended higher, while soybean oil futures ended lower. November soybean futures gained 2 1/2 cents at USD9.34.

Soy United States

Weekly Review: US soy crop damage uncertain

A few months ago, the USDA calculated the US could end the 2019/20 season with a truly bearish surplus stock in excess of 28 million tonnes.

Futures Soy

US Futures Review: Soybeans end higher as harvest concerns continue

Soybean futures settled higher Thursday as harvest concerns and ideas of stronger export potential lifted the market. Soybean meal futures ended higher, while soybean oil futures ended lower. November soybean futures gained 3 1/2 cents at USD9.31 1/2.

Soy Futures

US Futures Review: Soybeans lower as harvest pressure weighs

Soybean futures settled lower Wednesday as harvest selling pressure and a lack of new export developments weighed on the market. Soybean meal futures ended lower, while soybean oil futures ended higher. November soybean futures lost six cents at USD9.28

Soy Futures

US Futures Review: Soybeans decline as harvest weather forecast improves

Soybean futures settled lower Tuesday as drier harvest weather forecasts for the US crop weighed on the market. Soybean meal futures ended lower, while soybean oil futures ended higher. November soybean futures lost 6 1/2 cents at USD9.34.

Soy Futures

US Futures Review: Soybeans higher as weather concerns, partial China deal provide a lift

Soybean futures ended modestly higher Monday as weekend snowfall and optimism for a partial US-China trade deal lifted the market. Soybean meal futures and soybean oil futures also ended higher. November soybean futures gained 4 1/2 cents at USD9.40 1/2.

Soy Futures
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Weekly Review: Will canola harvest losses be less than expected?

Canola’s recent price ascent appeared to be stalling this week as reports of harvest progress fostered ideas that Canadian crop losses might be less severe than earlier thought.

Futures Rapeseed

Breakthrough Brexit deal offers hope to food and drink sector – but fears still persist

The United Kingdom has finally reached agreement with the EU on revised terms for its departure from the Union, and on the basis of its subsequent future partnership. But as things stand, there is still no certainty as to whether any of the provisions agreed will actually come into effect as planned at the end of this month – or at all.

Brexit Trade Agreements

Weekly Review: Wary rapeseed market needs Canada crop update

Rapeseed/canola has recently begun to break out of its recent tight trading range on crop issues affecting markets both sides of the Atlantic.

Futures Rapeseed

Union calls for policy support for UK rapeseed production

The UK’s National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has called on the government to find policy solutions to make growing rapeseed viable in the country as recent data showed falling rapeseed yields.

Rapeseed United Kingdom

EU rapeseed area up, but still below five-year average

The EU’s rapeseed production is likely to remain below the long-term average in 2020/21, as poor yields and difficult growing conditions in recent years have pushed many farmers away from the crop.

EU Production

EU rapeseed imports double, palm oil imports down

The EU had imported almost double the amount of rapeseed this season compared to last, as of September 29, according to customs date.

EU Imports
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Ukraine grain harvest boosted by higher yields

Ukraine’s grain and legume harvest reached 46.3 million tonnes from an area of 11.3 mln hectares or 74% of the forecast area as of September 26 with a yield of 4.11 tonnes per ha.

Ukraine Production

Increase in Spanish grocery exports

Spanish exports of food and beverages totalled EUR28.7 billion (USD31.3 bln) between January and July 2019, 4.4% more year-on-year, according to the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Spain EU

EU agri-food exports keep growing at record levels, Commission says

The EU continues to improve its already positive agri-food trade balance, the European Commission outlined in its latest monitoring report.

Exports EU

Compliance with planned new EU erucic acid limits “achievable” for vegetable oil industry

A planned European Commission delegated regulation setting down limits for the contaminant erucic acid in vegetable oils will not cause major compliance headaches for producers, IEG Vu sister title IEG Policy has learned.

EU Policy

Corteva Agriscience signs yield-boosting seed treatment agreement

Corteva Agriscience (formerly Dow DuPont’s Agriculture Division) has partnered with Pro Farm Technologies to develop yield-boosting seed treatments, starting with corn, sunflower and rapeseed.

Corteva Agriscience Deals

Ukraine exported USD4.0 billion worth of agri-food products to EU

In the first seven months of the year (January-July), Ukraine has managed to increase its agri-food exports to EU by 34.3% compared with last year.

EU Ukraine
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Wines, cheeses and olive oil among EU products to be protected in Mercosur

The full list of agri-food products to be protected under the trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur blocs have been unveiled, as well as further details on the continued use of ‘grandfathered’ product names in the Latin American nations.

Wines Cheese

Olam closed H1 with lower profit despite strong revenues and volumes

Olam International has suffered a profit fall despite growth in revenues, volumes and earnings before interest, taxes and amortisation (EBITDA) for the first half of 2019.

Olam Financial Results

Philippine coconut processor to be listed on Philippine stock exchange

The Philippine desiccated coconut maker Axelum Resources has applied to the national Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a PHP7.7 billion (USD149.8 million)  initial public offering (IPO) on the Philippine stock exchange to finance its long-term expansion.

Desiccated Coconut Philippines

Theresa May quits as prime minister – but UK’s Brexit woes continue

The trajectory and timing of the UK’s departure from the EU has been thrown into fresh confusion with the resignation today of UK prime minister Theresa May.

Cocoa Sheep & Goats

Russia considers increasing import duties on food raw materials

The Federal Customs Service of Russia (FTS) has proposed to increase import duties on a range of food raw materials under the guise of customs codes with similar characteristics to avoid additional duties.

Orange Juice Whey Powder

Trade friction rising between EU and palm oil producers

Indonesia has reportedly ramped up trade tensions with the EU over the bloc’s planned phase out of palm oil use in biodiesel, the latest escalation in the spat between palm oil producing nations and the EU.

EU Trade Disputes
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Spanish olive farmers protest low prices and US tariffs

Thousands of Spanish olive and olive oil producers have protested the low sale prices for their products in Madrid, amid fears that new US duties will exacerbate the sector’s problems.

Tariffs Trade Disputes

Blockchain could improve accountability in food supply chain, EU Commission finds

Blockchain applications could be used to detect fraudulent products, certify Geographical Indications and even reduce food waste, the European Commission’s research service has found.

EU New Technologies

Brazils Ministry of Agriculture suspends sale of 33 brands of olive oil

Brazil continues its fight against counterfeit olive oil, suspending the sale of 33 brands of adulerated olive oil identified in an investigation which began in 2016.

Brazil Soy Oil

EU cheese, pork and fruit juice among US tariff targets

The US plans to hit USD7.5 billion of EU goods —including agricultural products— with import tariffs ranging from 10%-25% on October 18 after a WTO ruling allowed the US to take retaliatory actions over illegal EU subsidies benefiting aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

Trade Disputes EU

US-EU trade dispute set to escalate after WTO arbitrator decision

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) looks set to move forward with plans to impose higher import duties on EU food and drink products after a World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitrator set the value of retaliatory actions it can take in the dispute with the EU over subsidies provided to Airbus.

Cheese Hogs & Pork

Increase in Spanish grocery exports

Spanish exports of food and beverages totalled EUR28.7 billion (USD31.3 bln) between January and July 2019, 4.4% more year-on-year, according to the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Spain EU
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